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clem.mp3 2018-04-27 19.89 MB audio/mpeg

This is a remix of the word database of the project The language of Schaarbeek, by the infamous DJ Mozhorus. Le fameux remix de la dictionnaire du projet La Langue Schaerbeekoise par DJ Mozhorus. De beruchte remix van de woorden databank van het project De Schaarbeekse Taal door DJ Mozhorus.

uitzending-la-cage1.mp3 2015-01-07 57.85 MB audio/mpeg

This is the first broadcast of Radio La Cage. With An Mertens and Clémentine Delahaut. La première de Radio La Cage. Avec An Mertens et Clémentine Delahaut. De eerste uitzending van Radio Berenkuil. Met An mertens en Clémentine Delahaut

uitzending-la-cage1.ogg 2015-01-07 13.66 MB video/ogg 00:25:16.460

This is a recording of a radio broadcast including a kick off roundtable discussion between neighbors of various cultural backgrounds.