This folder contains several bits and pieces related to the Cyber feminist working days that were organised in 2001.,8-.html

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Mr Lady, Laura Cottingham, Mab Segrest and The Butchies, man ... Don't you stop!

cyberfeminisme.pdf 2017-03-28 52.27 MB application/pdf

At the occasion of Donna Haraway visiting Brussels in March 2017, a facsimile edition of the bilingual (NL/FR) Cyberfeminist publication, edited by Constant in 2001. A l’occasion de la visite de Donna Haraway à Bruxelles (mars 2017), une édition fac-similé de la publication bilingue Cyberfeminism, édité par Constant en 2001.Ter gelegenheid van het bezoek van Donna Haraway aan Brussel (maart 2017) een facsimile editie van de tweetalige Cyberfeminist publicatie (NL/FR) uitgegeven door Constant in 2001.

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How to interact? Machines? Exchange? Gracefull degradation?

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An introduction to the intentions of the Cyberfeminist workingdays.

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Inbetweens, background foreground inversions, listen with a feminist perspective.

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