A 2008 workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools. Un atelier de 2008 de Video Open Source pour découvrir les pratiques et les outils collaboratifs.Een 2008 workshop Open Source Video, een onderzoek naar collaboratief werk.,3-.html?debut_articles=20#pagination_articles

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18-11-08-freecodecs.ogg 2015-01-07 301.85 MB video/ogg 01:14:26.080

What are Free codecs ?

20-11-08-bitnik-history_of_tvhacking.ogg 2015-01-07 137.32 MB video/ogg 00:36:14.960

An explanation of Bitnik about the history of hacking television signals

20-11-08-bitnik-practical_tvhacking.ogg 2015-01-07 142.73 MB video/ogg 00:35:03.560

Andy Nicholson explanation of Bitnik about the practicalities of hacking television signals

24-11-08_nova-engage_media.ogg 2015-01-07 52.41 MB video/ogg 00:13:07.600

Andy shows Engage Media projects in Cinema Nova

24-11-08_nova-karass_suite.ogg 2015-01-07 67.50 MB video/ogg 00:16:49.680

Karass suite 2008, a project introduced by Guy Vanbelle

24-11-08_nova-murtaugh.ogg 2015-01-07 49.59 MB video/ogg 00:12:55.000

Michael Murtaugh presents Active Archives in Cinema Nova 2015-01-07 49.44 MB video/ogg 00:13:29.040

Sebastian Luetgert presents in Cinema Nova

24-11-08_nova-seda.ogg 2015-01-07 58.40 MB video/ogg 00:14:50.760

Seda Gürses talks about data as a collective good in Cinema Nova. What if data belongs to many?

interview-Andy_Nicholson2.ogg 2015-01-07 47.23 MB video/ogg 00:11:38.080

Andy Nicholson about Plumi and Engage Media Collective.

interview-Carmen-Doma.ogg 2015-01-07 33.93 MB video/ogg 00:08:42.240

Carmen and Doma talk about Bitnik Media Collective.

interview-Jan_Gerber-Sebastian_Luetgert.ogg 2015-01-07 61.55 MB video/ogg 00:15:10.000

Jan Gerber and Sebastian Luetgert on piracy, open free and power relations.

interview-Kobe_Matthys.ogg 2015-01-07 25.89 MB video/ogg 00:06:24.360

Kobe Matthys talks about quasi things and Agency and the shared FLOSS video computer that we had in Constant at the time.

interview-Loic_Vanderstichelen.ogg 2015-01-07 38.19 MB video/ogg 00:09:25.280

Loïc Vanderstichelen talks about free codecs and digital open source systems.

interview-Michael_Dale.ogg 2015-01-07 33.35 MB video/ogg 00:08:15.040

Michael Dale talks about the Metavid project, Kaltura and open video on wikipedia.

interview-Michael_Murtaugh.ogg 2015-01-07 57.50 MB video/ogg 00:14:19.160

Michael Murtaugh talks about collage code and cinema.

interview-Natascha-Adnan.ogg 2015-01-07 66.97 MB video/ogg 00:16:32.840

Natascha and Adnan talk about Deptford TV, collective work, documentary filmmaking.

interview-Pascal-vox.ogg 2015-01-07 67.91 MB video/ogg 00:16:43.200

Pascal talks about video montage and the collective VOX that existed around Nova.

interview-Sanjay_Bhangar.ogg 2015-01-07 42.33 MB video/ogg 00:10:26.080

Sanjay Bhangar talks about CAMP,

interview-Susanne-Lang.ogg 2015-01-07 64.53 MB video/ogg 00:16:46.840

Susanna Lang about alternative video on the net and collective video editing