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AA-BTS 2015-01-08 145.48 MB 00:07:45.580

This folder contains several bits and pieces related to various Active Archives projects presented at the Besides the Screen conference that took place in 2012 in Goldsmith College, London. Deze folder bevat materiaal gerelateerd aan verschillende Active Archives projecten die werden gepresenteerd tijdens de Besides The Screen conferentie in 2012 in Goldsmith College, Londen.,110-.html

AAworkshop 2015-01-07 61.51 MB 00:03:56.640 Active Archive workshop

ADA_a_day_on_sound_s_Hertogenbosch 2017-11-03 83.18 MB 00:05:23.230
This folder contains sounds that were produced during a workshop that Constant gave in the frame of a day around sound & noise, organised by The Digitale Werkplaats together with AKV|St. Joost Den Bosch, in 2011.

AgeingCompanions 2018-07-17 360.96 MB 00:49:04.600

aigrain 2015-01-07 501.80 MB 02:03:14.440

Lecture of Philippe Aigran "la condition humaine à l'age numérique" in the Université Populaire de Bruxelles, 11 march 2010. Philippe AIGRAIN, « la condition humaine à l’âge numérique », conférence du mars 2010 à l'Université Populaire de Bruxelles.

Artefact 2016-07-28 407.30 MB 00:18:07.130
This folder contains video's that were shot during Constants festival VJ13 (Connection Protocols) in the Artefact festival 2012, STUK, Leuven.

bend_sew_touch_feel_read_workshop 2015-01-08 219.40 MB 01:07:53.520

Video's of the Bend, Sew, Touch, Feel, Read workshop on soft sensors and flexible electronics that explored the possibilities of bringing electronics closer to bodies and plants.

busboite 2015-01-07 113.83 MB 00:19:00.200

Christina Clar , Natasha Roublov and Lottie Child developed exercises to re-experience Brussels.

Collaborative_Online_Video 2015-01-07 1.37 GB 05:51:19.800
A 2008 workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools. Un atelier de 2008 de Video Open Source pour découvrir les pratiques et les outils collaboratifs.Een 2008 workshop Open Source Video, een onderzoek naar collaboratief werk.,3-.html?debut_articles=20#pagination_articles

Constant_V 2017-03-09 51.86 MB 00:09:40.560

Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office.,196-.html

copiernestpasvoler 2015-01-08 817.00 MB 01:00:00.330

cqrrelations 2015-02-07 953.44 MB 02:03:32.380,193-.html

Cyberfeminisme 2017-04-25 296.28 MB 00:06:40.420

This folder contains several bits and pieces related to the Cyber feminist working days that were organised in 2001.,8-.html

diversions 2016-12-16 3.39 GB 04:21:14.990

Video's related to the DiVersions workession.

Electronic-textile-workshop 2015-01-07 487.94 MB 00:32:26.320

Video's of the Bend, Sew, Touch, Feel, Read workshop on soft sensors and flexible electronics that explored the possibilities of bringing electronics closer to bodies and plants. Raw video material

ellentriek12 2017-11-06 176.31 MB 00:51:09.870

Video's related to Ellentriek 12.,2-.html

Ellentriek8 2015-01-07 9.14 MB 00:02:42.610

(low) voltage fun with 220V and everything below! Research, experiment, creation, inspiration, education, cooperation!,2-.html

Final_Sigma 2015-01-08 2.73 MB

A view on the network of spaces, humans, projects, studios around the Constant Variable studio building.,175-.html

gender-blending 2015-01-07 1.63 GB 00:24:36.370

I dont know where this is going 2016-06-24 1.37 GB 01:52:10.960

This folder contains video's that were recorded during French language courses for new arrivals at the Cellule de Lutte contre l'Exclusion sociale in Molenbeek. They were part of the exhibition "I don't know where this is going" in iMAL in 2016.

Students point out the road they travelled to arrive in Brussels. They talk about their experiences crossing the borders by boat, foot, coming from Iraque, Syria. Blue buttons are safe, red ones indicate dangers.

imaginary_property 2015-01-07 356.02 MB 01:38:01.880

Two videos with lectures and discussion on intellectual property and piracy in Nova with: Florent Latrive and Jérémie Zimmerman:

JDL 2015-01-07 127.75 MB 00:48:18.080

This folder contains a recording of the meeting between teachers of art schools interested in teaching open source software, during the yearly 'Days of the free' in Saint-Gilles, Brussels,833.html

labtolab 2015-01-08 806.28 MB 01:50:56.420

Video's related to the Lab To Lab project.

LGM 2016-07-28 55.19 GB 285:29:30.150

This folder contains videos of lectures and presentations of the annual Libre Graphics Meeting

LGM09 2015-01-07 42.37 MB 00:18:49.170
LGM15 2017-11-06 5.77 GB 11:37:43.270

Video's from LGM 2015

LGRU 2016-07-28 370.16 MB 00:23:38.160

A variety of video's related to the Libre Graphics Research Unit project

machineresearch 2017-06-30 899.51 MB 04:34:32.720,2646.html

Matchdogbot 2015-01-07 15.39 MB 00:00:48.660

Video of the evil matchdogbot that was born out of boredom and DIY knutseldrift during one of the Ellentriek sessions

mondotheque 2016-09-29 89.24 MB 00:11:58.910,2349.html

ObjectScoresNotation 2018-03-22 5.41 GB 01:11:48.700,74.html

observatory 2018-09-11 1.16 GB 02:30:18.090

Video collection from the worksession that took place in June 2017

openkino 2017-05-07 920.22 MB 00:03:21.200,3-.html

Early work to built the "Pi8mm" .. putting a camera + computer inside an 8mm film canister to allow live streaming of video from an 8mm camera.

OSL-montage 2016-03-30 690.42 MB 00:09:09.660

A presentation of the Open Sound Lab workshops in Jacques Franck by the participants.

Parlez-vous1060 2015-06-24 895.39 MB 00:33:37.160

Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois? / Spreekt U Sint-Gillis? is an audio database composed of particular words heared in the neighborhood Bosnie in Saint-Gilles,],187-.html

PublicDomainDay2015 2016-03-24 723.32 MB 01:09:07.230

PublicDomainDay2017 2017-05-05 21.06 MB 00:13:38.720

R+R_2011-Recyclart 2015-01-07 27.57 MB 00:04:40.040,36.html,1261.html

R+R_divers 2018-04-13 493.51 MB 00:16:38.390,5-.html

R+R_overpelt 2015-01-07 17.66 MB 00:00:42.640,36.html

Radio_la_cage 2018-04-27 91.40 MB 00:25:16.460

Routines-de-rencontres 2016-07-28 226.86 MB 00:15:47.270,5-.html

seeds 2015-01-08 905.74 MB 02:27:54.110
slideshows 2017-04-28 17.40 MB 00:12:10.900
Softwearables_Plankton 2015-01-07 35.64 MB 00:04:31.800

Splinter_fields 2015-01-07 220.97 MB 00:50:56.690

This map contains video's related to the Splinterfields project.

Surveillance 2015-01-07 1.09 GB 01:11:59.390

Collection of material around surveillance images that were captured from wireless surveillance camera's.,1725.html,5-.html,1744.html

Transmarcations 2017-12-12 576.65 MB 01:47:17.260,2902.html,2898.html

transmediale-2016 2016-02-07 188.20 MB 00:10:56.530

Ultrasonic_City 2015-01-07 150.62 MB 00:06:24.020,922.html

v 2016-04-30 263.14 kB
Variable-streamings 2015-01-07 204.33 MB 01:30:25.160

These are saved intranet streams from the kitchen, corridor, studios, garden, residency in the Variable building.,175-.html,1994.html

Various 2018-04-28 1.04 GB 05:13:24.030

Videos that connect to various projects.

vj10 2016-11-17 2.82 GB 14:15:06.080

Video collection related to the Verbindingen / Jonctions festival 10.,37-.html

vj12 2015-01-07 2.68 GB 10:49:32.110

VJ13 2015-01-08 10.13 GB 32:25:44.590

This folder contains video's that relate to the festival Verbindingen / Jonctions 13, that was organised in 2012.,61.html,1486.html

VJ14 2017-05-04 15.04 GB 31:39:37.410

This folder contains video's that relate to the festival Verbindingen / Jonctions 14.,37-.html,2092.html